This guide is designed for prospective and current writers of Smashing Magazine and points the method articles

This guide is designed for prospective and current writers of Smashing Magazine and points the method articles

When you publish a piece of writing or outline to Smashing Magazine, you may deal with our editorial staff members to contour your article for book.

Your very own editor program is your contact that is key through procedure; they have been proficient in his or her theme and have access to a section of subject-specific reviewers whose view they can ask.

Your manager is going to be asking the following queries:

  • Really does this content accommodate Smashing Magazine and its crowd?
  • Will this be a new post somewhat than something published elsewhere?
  • Could be the write-up scientifically correct and supplying updated information?

You are the pro on the theme so if a suggestion is made by an editor we dont go along with you happen to be, of course, encouraged to state the case! Sometimes an issue points to a need for clarification in phraseology in the place of anything getting incorrect.

Tools For Composing And Editing

In order to make this technique easier we would enquire that you submit outlines and articles or blog posts someplace that commentary can be created. Fantastic alternatives for this ar:

  • Dropbox Paper
  • Google Docs

You need to take time to offer your paper the appropriate permissions to provide for edits.

All Of Our Instructions

Prior to getting established, take a check out the after data:

    : The details exactly what we want, and the way we will help you make an article that is great. : including specifics of everything we will and won’t submit. : includes all about creating style and shade along side techniques for composing great technological articles.

Article “Template”

  • Make use of this Gist of the theme
  • Or, download a zip of Article theme in term and Markdown format

Going With The Editorial Process

Publish A Plan

We will declare that you distribute a summary in the first situation, to take a look about the content happens to be a good fit for Smashing mag understanding that no-one else happens to be previously implementing a comparable report.

Your outline should provide all of us enough detail to know the topic as well as your certain take on it. Kindly remember to have the information that is following.

  1. Who’s the target crowd for any report? Including, have you been looking to communicate to beginner JavaScript designers or practiced designers, or simply everybody in the sector?
  2. What will the goal crowd take away from checking out your article?
  3. Exactly why are you the person that is best to publish this informative article?
  4. A directory of the main spots you’ll cover/sections regarding the article with a concise description of each.

Submit this to the contact page. When you yourself have definitely not penned for all of us before, it could be beneficial to include links along with other components of writing they can generally be web sites or similar. You will want to consequently end up being reached by an editor that is subject-specific primary opinions and feedback.

Write Your First Draft

After a plan has become accepted, write the initial draft. The ideas inside our style assist offer some suggestions about what tone and voice of wonderful content plus ideas for apparent publishing. You can always discuss very early concepts along with your publisher if you want or need some feedback as you are working.

Publish Your Own Draft

Incorporate your very own write-up to a single associated with tools mentioned above and reveal it using your publisher. Your own blueprint will include all the components that are comprehensive within the template above. All of us cant recognize your very own bit with out them.


How long it only takes for a very first draft to become an exhibited content depends upon how much efforts are demanded concerning review and editing.

Chances are that the editor shall incorporate some guidelines to consult with one. For an extremely article that is technical or something not in the key expertise in the editor program they’re going to obtain the help of our personal overview board. If so, the editor usually takes his or her feedback and offer it for your needs along with their personal opinions.

You may then have time in order to make any revisions that are necessary emerged of the talks.

A Final Draft!

After you and also your editor have the write-up is prepared, it is passed away onto the editor-in-chief to achieve the light that is green then go fully into the closing manufacturing phases of proofreading and preparing for guide to the web site.

Please note that closing drafts will not be acknowledged without most of the original images. See the post layout for details.

You’ll get a closing possiblity to have a check out the post so you can give it a final check over after small copy edits have been made in the proofreading process before it is ready for publication.


We all will tell you which date your own post is actually arranged for When it is going live, you will feel gotten in touch with. We might adore you to fairly share your very own report on social websites and pop back to respond to any responses from our wonderful target audience!

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