Privacy Policy

Name of the Society :
The name of the society shall be ‘Care U 365’
Area of Operation :
The area of operation of the society will be the entire states of N.E. India, but it may be spread
to any part of the country.
Address of the Head office of the Society :
The Head office of the society is situated at Ghahigaon, Sootea, PIN 784175
Sec. 1 : Date of Birth of the Society
The date of birth of the society is 15th August, 2013
Sec-2 : Logo of the Society
The logo of the society is shown herewith.Sec-3 : Flag of the society
The ratio of the length to bredth of the flag of the society is 3 : 2. Colour of the flag is white, the
flag is embeded with the logo in the middle of theflag.

Aim and Objectives of the Society :
The objectives for which the society are given below :
(i) To accelerate economic development by adopting new methods in agriculture, farming andother
(ii) To stop atmospheric pollution by taking possible and necessary measures wih the help of
legislative law andactivity.
(iii) To draw attention to afforestation and take adequate measures to conserve nature.
(iv) To stop illegal engagement of children in different field and to provide service for the
welfare of deprived children.
(v) To help the people who are the victims of disaster and to create necessary awareness among
(vi) To create convenient atmosphere where different talents of people such as literature, sports,
technology, science and music can come out.
(vii)To work for the development of the woman community.

(viii) To develop scientific temper among students/people and to assist deprived children in
pursuing proper education.
(ix) To provide technical and professional education to unemployed youths to accelerate economic
(x) To use and develop our indigenous technologies and systems for bettertomorrow.
(xi) To create awareness and to take up necessary steps for good health.
(xii) To work for the welfare of the differently abled children and people.
(xiii) To work for the development of life conditions and overall well being of the Third Gender.
Members of the Society :
There will be two types of members in the society.
(1) Primary member.
(2) Executive member.
Sec : 1 Primary Member :
Any person who subscribes the membership and obeys the rules and regulations of the society
is eligible for becoming a primary member of the society. But they don’t have any voting power,.
After completion of three years they can apply to the Executive Council for becoming an
Executive Member.
Sec-2 : Executive Member :
The primary members having more than 18 years of age who applied to the Executive Council
and who are found suitable after scrutinisation are eligible to become an Executive member by
subscribing the necessary fees.
Membership fees, Renewal and Termination of Membership :
Sec-1 : The following are the membership fees as well as annual fees for different kinds of members.
This may be changed time to time as per the decision taken by the General Council.
a) Primary member : Rs. 100/- per month
b) Executive member : Rs. 150/- per month
Sec-2 : Renewal of membership :
(a) All the members have to renew their membership by paying the fees every month.
(b) Any member found not renewing their membership for five consecutive months will
be eliminated from the society with a 10 (ten) days prior notice through proper means.
Sec-3 : Termination of membership :
(a) Any member who is found to be engaged in activities derogatory to the ethics of
the organization will be expelled from the organization
(b) The procedure will be chaired by a committee formed by the holders of veto power.
(c) He/she will be given prior notice and will be given equal opportunity to defend
Management of the society :
Sec-1 : Councils of the Society :
For the management and relevant matters of the society. There will be two bodies.

(i) General Council.
(ii) Executive Council.
(i) General Council :
a. All the members of the society are the members of the General Council.
b. All the members of the General Council will have one non transferable vote.
c. Meeting of General Council :
i) A general meeting of the General Council will be held at least twice in every year.
ii) But under some circumstances, the Executive Council can convene an extra-ordinary meeting
of the General Council upon a requisition made in written by not less them 2/3 rd members of the
General Council. Any such requisition should specify the objectives of the meeting.
d. Note of meeting:
i) For an ordinary General Council’s meeting, at least 15 days earlier notification mentioning the
agenda, place and time should be served to all the general members of the society.
ii) For extra-ordinary meeting of the General Council at least 7 days earlier notification is
required mentioning the same.
e. President of meeting :
All the meeting of the General Council should be presided over by the president of the society,
in absence of him, the Vice President will preside over the meeting. If both of them are found absent
the members of the General Council will elect/select one member to preside over the meeting.
f. Quorum of meeting :
For the General meeting, at last 2/3 of the members of the General Council including the 2/3
of the members of the Executive members of the society shall form the quorum of the meeting.
But in case of extra-ordinary meeting of the General Council, half of the members of the
General Council and 2/3 of the Executive members will form the quorum.
(ii) Executive Council :
a) The executive council shall consist of maximum eleven (11)members.
b) The executive council will be formed in the general meeting of the General Council .
c) The porfolios of the society will also be offered in the general meeting of the General Council.
d) The period of Executive Council will be of threeyears.
e)Meeting of the Executive Council:
The meeting of the Executive council shall be held once in every three months with an at least
seven days earlier notification.
f) The quorum shall be by at least 2/3rd members of the ExecutiveCouncil.
g) A member absent in four consecutive meetings without any prior information in black & white,
he/she will be automatically dropped from the Executive Council. The Executive Council will pass
a resolutionaccordingly.
Sec-2.1 : Portfolios and branch of the society :
The portfolios present in the society to run its activities smoothly are :
(i) President.
(ii) Vice-President.
(iii) General Secretary.
(iv) Asstt. General Secretary
(v) Office Secretary
(vi) Treasurer
(vii)Project Co-ordinator.

There will be a district committee in each district. Each committee will be consist of at least

  1. District President
  2. District Vice-President
  3. District Secretary
  4. Dist. Asstt. Secretary.
    Each district committee will be formed under the supervision of the central committee. The
    tenure of the committee will be maximum 3years.
    ARTICLE-9 :
    The Power and the Functions of the councils and the porfolios of the society
    Sec-1 : Power and Functions of the General Council :
    a) The General Council will consider and adopt the annual report, annual statement of account,
    balance sheet of previous year and will approve the budget for the nextyear.
    b) The General Council will offer the portfolios and the membership of the Executive Council
    for the next three years(session).
    c) The General Council can conduct any other matter if found necessary.
    Sec-2 : Power and Functions of the Executive Council :
    a) The Executive Council will execute all the decisions or resolutions taken by the
    General Council.
    b) The Executive Council will arrange for the maintenance of the records and other documents
    of the society in its custody.
    c) The Executive Council will attend all the meetings of the General Council and keep the
    minutes of the proceedings.
    d) The Executive Council will issue the notices of all kinds ofmeetings.
    e) The Executive Council will keep all the correspondence on behalf of the society.
    f) Treasurer will maintain all the books and accounts of the society in association with the
    treasurer of the society.
    g) The Executive Council will co-ordinate the activities and the sub-ordinate stuff of the society.
    Sec-4 : Power and Functions of President :
    a) The President will preside over all the meetings of thesociety.
    b) As the constitutional and administrative head of the society, the president will have the
    responsibility to preserve the prestige of the constitution. He will have to see the society’s functions
    if they are being performed accordingly to the rules & regulations and will take necessary steps
    to put down any activity as he deem fit.
    c) Under special circumstances he may independently adopt a resolution but it needs to be
    passed by the executive council within one month.
    d) The President will have to keep details of accounts with the help of the Treasurer.
    e) He will legally manage the accounts of the society and will take the steps to preserve the
    movable and immovable properties of the society.
    f) He along with Treasurer will expose the accounts of the society at the meetings of the
    Executive Council. He will show the cash books and other records when required.
    Sec-4 : Power and Functions of Vice-President :
    a) The Vice-President will perform all the duties and functions of the president in his absence.

shall audit the accounts of the society at least once in a year and the Annual Audit Report will be
submitted to the Registrar, of SocietiesRegularly.
Legal Procedure :
According to the provision laid down in the section 6 of the societies Registration Act-XXI of
1860, the Society may sue or may be used in the name of the President and Secretary of the
If necessary, the Society be dissolved and the properties remained after dissolution may be
handed over according to the provision laid down in the Section 13 and 14 of the Societies
Registration Act-XXI of 1860.
Certified to be true copy of the Rules and Regulation of Care u 365

Sec-6 : Power and Functions of the General Secretary :
a) The General Secretary will discuss with the president and call for a meeting of Executive
Council or GeneralCouncil.
b) The General Secretary will read the activities/report of the Executive Council in the meetings
of GeneralCouncil.
c)The General Secretary will be responsible to the Executive Council at all time and will have
to obey its direction.
d) The General Secretary will adopt a resolution passed with the support of 2/3rd of the
members present.
Sec-7 : Power and Functions of Asstt. General Secretary :
a) The A.G.S. will have to perform all the duties and responsibilities of the General Secretary
in his absence.
b) TheA.G.S. will have to perform any responsibility assigned to him by the General Secretary
or the ExecutiveCouncil.
Sec-8 : Power and Functions of Treasurer :
The Treasurer will maintain the accounts/cash book and all financial matters with the President.
Sec-9 : Power and Function of Project Co-coordinator :
a) The project co-ordinator will handle the projects taken by the society.
b) He will prepare the budget of all projects with the General Secretary and the officials
appointed for the purpose.
Approval of such budget is mandatory before execution.
The Rules and Guidelines cum constitution of the organisation can be amended by the
executive council only with the majority will and approval of the General Council.
Funds :
Sec-1 : The fund of the society will be raised by the following means :
a) Fund raised from the membership fees of themembers.
b) Fund raised by donation.
c) By taking grants from Govt. or Non-Govt.Organisations.
d) Funds under CSR and
e) Sponsorship
Sec-2 : Operation of Funds
The bank accounts will be in the name of the following portfolios :
a) President.
b) General Secretary
c) Treasurer.
Operation of the Bank A/c
The Bank account will jointly be operated by the above mentioned account holders in a
group of two.
Auditor :
A qualifiedAuditor will be appointed by the Executive Committee for a term of one year, who