Individuals’ Subjective Perceptions regarding Thoughts Round the Cultures

Individuals’ Subjective Perceptions regarding Thoughts Round the Cultures

Kenichi Ito

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  • step 1 Company out of Therapy, College regarding Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands
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  • cuatro Company out-of Counselling and you may Psychology, Hong kong Shue Yan College or university, Northern Point, Hong-kong

Positive thoughts was about several masters, yet not someone values a comparable kinds of confident psychological knowledge. We take a look at how collection of positive feelings is actually seen and you may if individuals’ perceptions is linked to how communities view people attitude. Participants from Hong-kong and Netherlands ranked 23 confident ideas mainly based to their private thinking (positivity, stimulation, and you may socially entertaining) and you will social studies (appropriate, cherished, and you will acknowledged regarding). I learned that (1) there had been cultural differences in judgments regarding the half a dozen areas of confident thinking; (2) positivity, stimulation, and you may societal involvement predicted thoughts being undoubtedly regarded at the societal level both in cultures; and you will (3) one positivity mattered a great deal more for the Dutch users, even though arousal and public wedding mattered much more in the Hong-kong having social critiques. These types of conclusions bring an excellent granular map of your own impression and you will evaluation away from distinctive line of confident thoughts in 2 societies and you may highlight the newest part out-of societies on the understanding how confident thoughts is actually seen and you will analyzed.


We declaration becoming quite pleased quite often (Diener and you can Diener, 1996), and you can positive mental enjoy are important because of they gamble an excellent secret part from inside the better-getting and you will fitness (Bastian et al., 2014). Yet not, not everybody appreciates a comparable kinds of confident mental experiences. Besides, absolutely nothing is well known about how precisely individuals understand and you will have a look at particular positive ideas eg pleasure, relief, pride, and you may appreciation.

Generally, thinking would be reviewed on the at least five membership: personal, dyads, class, and you may community (Keltner and you will Haidt, 1999). In the current functions, i concentrate on the feeling away from attitude in the private height with regards to positivity, arousal, and you may societal wedding in addition to testing regarding ideas in the the brand new public height with respect to whether they are appreciated, recognized off, and you will considered to be appropriate; we and checked out how judgments along side one or two membership relate genuinely to both. Specifically, the current studies examined the fresh perceptions and analysis regarding 23 different self-confident feelings round the two social contexts: Hong kong and you can Netherlands.

Community try a beneficial socially transmitted constellation off techniques, symbols, and philosophy one to shape exactly how some body thought, be, and you may function (). A major differences can be obtained between individualistic and you may collectivistic cultures. In individualistic cultures, such as for example United states and you will Western Europe, suggestions in accordance with liberty, including private completion and objective journey, include showcased. In contrast, into the collectivistic societies, instance during the Eastern Asia, ideas concentrating on social equilibrium and you can interdependence was highly regarded (a beneficial, 1991). These differences in cultural opinions connect with exactly how somebody understand attitude in terms of some properties, such as positivity, pleasure, and societal involvement.

Positivity is the inherent attractiveness or pleasure from the an event, target, otherwise state (Frijda, 1986). Somebody fundamentally like self-confident emotions more negative ones despite social background (Larsen, 2000). But not, positive thoughts be popular inside the Western societies compared to Eastern Far eastern cultures (Eid and Diener, 2001), and how positive thinking are seen and utilizes community. Such as for example, whenever expected to describe options that come with confident thoughts, Us americans generally focus on the positive aspects, and you may Japanese individuals are likely to speak about negative aspects due to the fact well (Uchida and Kitayama, 2009). Therefore, regardless if most people from one another West and you will East Western communities eg positive thoughts, they could discover positivity of other angles. Yet, only a number of certain positive thinking were examined during the regards to positivity perception (Character and Kashdan, 2012; Miyamoto mais aussi al., 2014). And that, nothing is known concerning the greater selection of confident thinking that are now actually looked at from the browse literary works. In the present data, i needed to test and you can evaluate attitudes from positivity of 23 more confident thinking across the one or two countries.

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