Way back in the 2013, Bhrigu Borthakur, a young engineering student with a team , was driven by a dream of reforming the orthodox society, that could be transformed into a new culture were every person, shall be treated equal.It primarily based its work on education and health as well as empowerment of women followed by community development.

People say and believe in equal opportunities and rights. But very few know and see them in reality. I was around 11 years old when I began to understand the humanitarian values. Rights and opportunities aren’t equal for all. I may say that the notion of Survival of the fittest justifies the act of ours. In my view education empowers the human mind and ignite his personality to justify the human values. Education qualifies and justify a human being to be its very existence making him to work on ideals and reason. An inclusive and quality education for all strongly hold and accept the faith that education is the most effective and powerful tool for sustainable development. It is necessary whereas outmost important to think on fact that whether the level and quality of education available justifies the concept of affordable education for all. I have formally started to work in the field of social service with a co-curriculum center at a minority dominated place name Ghahi Gaon, a place about 180 kilometers from my city Guwahati. There I promoted education among the minorities and improved the level of education by introducing Computer Class, Art and Craft Class, Music class and most importantly conducted free tuition classes in the evening. It soon gave a relaxing result when the atmosphere of the village changed with the increasing interest of the children in education. After achieving a satisfying result at Ghahigaon, I started to work in various other places and sectors. Ramshing Sapori and its nearby areas became my next village where over the years till now working extensively to upgrade the level of Education and remove gender disparities through Education. The village “ ramshing Sapori” came to my notice when I organized a Health camp in the village on 4th February,2014 with the help of a local NGO. The village is though 9 km away from a city point Narengi but the communication system was very poor and this can be make out from the fact that the Van through which I was carrying the medicines for the health camp met an accident due to bad road. The camp made me see the ground reality of a village near to city which was suffering of many social evils and one among those was poor Education. High school dropout rate and poor literacy among the girl child was very evident. There is only one school in the village but its condition then was very horrifying. The school consisted of a single room with no electricity and desk benches. It was not possible for me to bring electricity in the school through conventional way as there was no electricity in the entire village. So I approached an NGO named Kudrat to help on the issue through a lady named Shweta Kejriwal.

Finally on 8 October , 2016 the solar panels got installed in the school and soon a positive atmosphere prevailed. To reduce the gender disparity opened a center named “ Unnati” on 30th July,2017 with Kudrat and Care u 365 at a place near to Ramshing Sapori. The center was completely meant for girl education and parallelly other courses like on tailoring was also provided to them. As I have mentioned above that communication to Ramshing was very poor so to promote education each and every girl of our center was provided free bicycles. These cycles were provided by Chetna Ladies Club and few were donated by my friends. The Journey so far working for this village gives me inspiration and courage to work more in this field of interest. Working for the upliftment of Divyangs started from the year 2015 when I felt the necessity of producing Braille study materials and soon I started to work on the idea. On 30th June, 2015 , I with my team from Care u 365 inaugurated a English Braille Magazine named “ Connecting the dots” at our city press club. It has never been an easy journey for me to work on this field of producing Braille study material due to many technical reasons and one such was unavailability of a Braille Embosser. But this problem have now gone as Mahila Mangal, an NGO has donated a Braille Embosser to me.

Now I not only print Braille Books like on competitive examinations but also have started to work on Audio Lectures for the visually impaired with Care u 365. Apart from visually impaired I am also working with other sections of Divyangs also through various initiatives like “ Divyangs Jyoti Mahotshav” and ‘Sambhavana”. Very recently I am working on the idea of proving VOIS assistive communication device to be provided to the hearing impaired students through which learning for them will become very convenient.“ Mission 50” is another ambitious project of mine with Care u 365 which aims to promote literacy and reduce school dropout.

So far twelve numbers of schools have been covered under the project “Mission 50”, an ambitious project to make learning more efficient and comfortable in Government schools with poor infrastructure which includes making Toilets, providing desk benches and blackboards, etc. “School Wapsi” is another initiative through which I am trying to re-enroll the drop out children primarily focusing on Girl’s Education and Rag pickers of our society. In that regard Activity center at Boragaon Garbage Dumping center is one such initiative where I am promoting education through various co-curriculum activities and have registered the center under Assam Fine Arts and Crafts Society. I am also working to promote quality education in Villages and remote areas through setting up of Libraries. I have set up many mini libraries in various schools with my ongoing full functional Library Project with the aid of MP fund from Honourable MP Ripun Borah at Da Parbatia, Tezpur.

Promoting education in slum areas and in Harijan colonies is one of my priority and have undertaken many initiatives in this regard. Literacy is a tool to make India flourish so let’s give our best.
Apart from promoting literacy I strongly believe in empowering the women. Women of our society has huge unexplored potential which needs to be harness in more comprehensive way. In this regard I started with many projects in various districts of our state. Most recently from past one and a half year I am working to empower the women who are engaged in the dying industry of pottery. The journey was tough as the method used by them was pure conventional. There was need of thinking a new approach and using Motorised chuck with pug mill was one such way. I joined the movement and simultaneously approached Sarita Sikaria of FICCi FLO. Now this project is a tremendous success with its wings spreading in hathiana village of Changsari and Ganeshkuwori village of Sipajar.
Each day I dedicate myself for making a difference in someone’s life and never hesitate to help anyone be it in any odd hour. Assisting over 300 patients have inculcated in me the compassion of how to improve the level of service in health sector. Till date I have many future agendas on which I am working and one such is bring up a higher Institution of learning for the Divyangs.