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Latest Campaign

Past Activities

Mission 50

Mission 50 ” Let’s make learning more fun! “ The punch line makes it clear that this initiative believes in making the learning more comfortable among the children in government schools and to help in reducing school drop outs. So far we have improve infrastructure and provide our assistance in 13 schools so far with […]

We with Transgenders

We understand and respect the values of the respective identity of an individual and thereby we are with the Transgenders community.

Warm Winter campaign

Every year since 2017 we start a campaign named Warm Winter Campaign which we initially started with a Facebook community named Guwahati Metro Community. We provide warm clothes to the people in need of this campaign.

Study Materials for Visually Impaired

Helping the Visually impaired by giving them access to educational materials is one of our prime agenda. We started producing Braille materials since 2015 and since then we are catering to the needs of visually impaired through Braille materials. Apart from Braille books, we are now focused to help them in more adaptable format. Through […]

Sambhavana 2019

Realizing the fact that organizing and celebrating a few day’s events will not cater to the needs of the specially-abled we decided for something permanent. Sambhavana was that idea. A fully functional workshop was a part of Sambhavana 2019. We invited all the students to attend the workshop. Accordingly, we organized two camps in Guwahati […]

Project Smile

Healthy Smile is what we aim to have in the face of people through this campaign. So far we have conducted 4 dental camps and we have a target of 50 camps in this financial year.

Project Drishti

We are Careu365 a Ngo situated in the district of Biswanath, Assam since 2013. We have been working for projects like women empowerment, health care support to the needy people, activities for blind and other specially-abled Children, road safety demo, plantation campaign, community development, education for the vulnerable section and for more details you could […]

Paper Clip

Modernization and Development of Potter Industry

Pottery, a dying industry of Assam with immense potential to accommodate more than the traditional potters. We surveyed the project with Laxmi Education Foundation and implementing it with FICCI FLO. Our ties with the latter have shown good results in villages like Hathiana (changsari) and Ganeshkuwori(Sipajar). The use of motorized chucks and pug mill is […]

Health Awareness and Care

Caring for and helping someone in need is in the core ethics of our organization. Over the span of 7 years, we have assisted health care and awareness to over 500 patients. The numbers are increasing with each passing day. It is now a well-known name among the people in need who need health care […]

Glimpses of other welfare activities

Flood Relief Campaigns

It is the prime motive of our organization to help the people in need. Accordingly whenever there is a natural disaster our organization gives its best to help the people in need. We have never kept our foot behind and came forward in each natural disaster. From Earthquake in Nepal to flood in Assam we […]

Fighting with Covid-19 & Lockdown

Covid-19 is affecting the masses all around the globe and everyone is facing the consequences. Since the first Lockdown in India, our members are trying its every possible means to help the people who are either hungry or facing a shortage of food. We also extended our gratitude to the COVID Warriors and supplied them […]

Work with Specially Abled

Divyang Jyoti Mahotsav We strongly believe that adequate resources and platforms should be provided to the Specially abled child so that they can harness their talent. Keeping this in mind in the Year 2017 for the very first we organized an Inter-school Blind cricket Tournament among the blind schools from Nagaon, Bihpuria, Jorhat, and Guwahati. […]

Disha for You

Though this initiative is not a part of Care u 365 its members are actively involved in it. This initiative is an autonomous body founded by our President Bhrigu Borthakur and CA Lokesh Agarwal. Under it, audio lectures are being uploaded in the Disha for You youtube platform. From lectures on Course this study channel […]

Welfare Activities at Carbon Gate Slum Area

We always believe in working for people who are vulnerable and deprived. The Carbon gate slum area is one such place where we see poor and deprived people dwelling prone to several health and sanitation hazards. We conduct many activities and organize many celebrations here to improve the condition until something constructive solution comes into […]

Boragaon Garbage Dumping Area

The Garbage Dumping area is often inhabited by Ragpickers and their families. The prevailing atmosphere not only harms their health but also ruin the growth of the small children living there. The children become prone to various health hazards and often see them tilted towards addiction. Noting these basic analysis we decided to uplift one […]

Activities in upper Assam

Our organization is working actively in welfare activities and has its stronghold in Upper Assam especially in Jorhat, Tinsukia, and Majuli. The roots in Upper Assam start from Tezpur where our Vice president Dulumoni Borah is giving her best. Our interim district committee at Jorhat is also taking up unique and noble activities.

Activities in Specially abled Schools of Assam

To provide a platform to the Specially abled students we have organized various activities in the Blind schools and hearing impaired schools of Assam apart from Divyang Jyoti Mahotshav and Sambhavana. We regularly conduct Children Day, World Braille Day, and organize various seminars to uplift their development.

Activities at Ramshing Sapori

This village is situated in the outskirts of Guwahati near the bank of river Brahmaputra. The roots in the village started with a health camp on April 4, 2014. The camp paved our way to plan for a long term project. Many areas were identified like addiction, high rate of drop out, Chile marriage and […]

Activity at Head Office

The initial hub of incubation was the Ghahigaon where we first started the CO-curriculum Centre. The village has a deep significance in the fact that our organisation took its formal beginning here on 15 August 2013. Since then for following four years we carried on regular classes every weekend to uplift the children of the […]

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